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    I don't know what that means...buy over 50% over daily limit?  Can you rephrase this?


    also, how do you keep your players organized for sets?  I don't see any easy way to know which guys I'm not using that I can put into them. I also bought a pack last night and a guy that I intended to put into my lineup ended up automatically going into a set. I just don't know how to easily see this. I've been going to edit lines and substituting players to see what's left over. I take a picture of what I have with my phone and then go to the screen where I can put them in sets and have to search for each individual player. Takes forever!  There has to be a better way!



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    Players I need - Any higher end Boston Bruins

    Gamertag - flavaham

    timezone - MST



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    Which are the best packs to buy?  Should I buy gold packs or wait until I can get specials?

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    Well, I don't know the lingo but I can definitely use some help. More with gameplay though. I am playing offline because I have a small puppy that requires regular attention so I need to pause and resume a lot. I've been playing seasons. When I'm on the lower difficulty I am destroying them. I'm scoring close to 30 goals a game!! So I up the difficulty and I'm getting killed!  I don't feel like it's harder but just more frustrating. For example(s):


    A guy is coming down the ice towards my goalie. I've got three guys draped on him. I'm trying to check, poke check and/or lift the stick. I try to switch to a different guy and get the wrong one. With three guys still on him, he beats my goalie. For no good reason. But I can't defend it no matter what I do!


    Often I will poke the puck away and all of my guys either stand there looking at the puck or literally skate away from it. Wtf is that??


    I constantly pass to no one in particular when it seems very obvious to me where I'm aiming my pass. (Trying to get better with the stick but still happens several times a game). 


    They can walk walk into the offensive zone but I can't spend more than 5 seconds in theirs and I'm lucky just to get a shot off...


    One-timers are apparently non-existent because I've got a guy waiting on the other side of the net, finally get a pass through to him and he hesitates, wants to wind up or something. If he would just slap it home I've got the goalie dead to rights. Wtf??


    I also don't know if there is a way to call specific plays. You used to be able to choose a few different ones, hit a button and your guys would run that play. I can't find that. 


    the thing is that why isn't there a skill level between these two??  It's almost unplayable, both ways. 30 goals a game or a bunch of players who clearly don't know how to play hockey...


    anyhow, yeah, I could use some help getting to a point where I can play a little better. 

    Thanks guys!

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    Quote from Patxhezbruhh >>

    and he lifts his wing for yet another stray cheller

    Your in the hands of the infamous now buddy. Good luck

     I have no idea what this means. Lol. 
    Gotta work soon. I'll hit you up when I can. Thanks!
    anyone have quick easy answers for pulling the goalie and one-timers?
    thanks guys!
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    i saw the junkyard thread but I don't feel great about just asking for free stuff. So, how are you raising enough coins to be able to get good players?  Should I be buying packs or waiting to get stuff on auction?  I'm not seeing much in the way of moderately easy coins. 


    Also, two questions on gameplay while I'm here. (Haven't played since '15). How do I pull the goalie without pausing?  And why can't I do a one-timer with my defenseman???



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    1.  I haven't played since NHL 15.  Controls seem a little strange.  For one, I can't do a one-timer.  How is this done?


    2.  What's the best way to advance in HUT?  I see that I need to collect things but I don't see any challenges or anything that says you get collectables for playing.  What am I missing?


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